❖ Curve Marine has patented its Extractive Chemistry & Novel Reactor System.

❖ Curve Marine is a technology development company which has invested

three years of time & expense into R&D bringing to market its proprietary world’s first

Sulphur Extraction and Ambient Reactor combination for the removal of Sulphur from

Refinery Residuum and Bunker Fuel (Shipping Fuel).

❖ Curve Marine can supply its proprietary Green Extractant chemicals and lease into
deployments to Refinery clients its proprietary Ambient Low Footprint Reactor and
Extractant Washing & Recycling systems.

❖ Curve Marine is establishing deployment of focused Sulphur reduction projects

with National Oil Companies in South East Asia & the Middle East.

❖ Curve Marine Pte Ltd is based in Singapore with wholly-owned operational subsidiaries in

Malaysia (for logistical support and engineering manpower supply) and the Czech Republic

(for R&D and technical support on crude oil specific chemistry formulation).

❖ In January 2020 Curve Marine successfully demonstrated its patented Extractive Chemistry &

Novel Reactor System to technical teams from the client refineries in South East Asia & Mexico

and their trading arms responsible for HFO-VLSFO specification compliance.

❖Test Results independently assessed by SGS, Intertek & Core Lab

❖ During the Demonstration, Curve was able to fast-track its Single Pass Chemistry requiring no
Oxidant or Homogeneous Catalyst. This significantly improves the previous Catalytic Oxidation method.

❖ This fast-tracked product development reduced costs remarkably and further improved
Curve’s leading-edge ‘Green’ profile.

❖ The primary Client will shortly be participating in an extensive range of third party testing
(SGS & Core Lab assessed) to specifically confirm the Curve Zero Oxidant Chemistry
economics on current Residuum and Heavy Fuel Oil accumulating at the refinery.

❖ A secondary economic driver - avoided waste disposal and storage cost is providing
secondary support for our collaboration. We expect this aspect to be built onto the
opportunity in the form of secondary contracts.