A Unique Cutting Edge Technology - Sulphur Removal not Sulphur Dilution

Sulphur Removal is the only genuinely Green solution for MARPOL that avoids large scale waste management and disposal.

Blending down the Residuum requires a 1 part Residuum to 7 parts diesel ratio of dilution. Despite being a very costly solution - the real problem is that it still leaves 6/7ths or 86% of the residuum unsold and un-lifted from the refinery storage tanks.

“Sulphur Dilution” is not the answer - Sulphur Removal is the only stable and safe solution to produce quality VLSFO.

Curve Marine’s commercial focus within this macro-economic problem is on the key economic pressure point for refiners. This key pressure point is the accumulation of excess Vacuum Residuum and Flash Zone Gas Oil (VR-FZGO), the point late in the refinery distillation process where the inert sulphur compounds accumulate.

Curve Marine’s technological break-through to solve this problem is a low footprint, low Capex ‘add-on’ modular system that fits at the end of the refinery distillation line, with no impact to other refinery processes. The Curve system combines a proprietary low-energy green-solvent based physico-chemical extraction process to remove the Sulphur compounds form the produced VR/FZGO. The unique Curve system does not require any polarising agents or homogenous catalysts, reducing waste streams and, importantly, it avoids damaging the hydrocarbon content of the VR/FZGO, protecting its value. No Hybrid Blending is required to produce a stable & safe benchmark VLSFO.